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Architectural lighting
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  • Burj Al Arab
    Burj Al Arab

    Burj Al Arab is the tallest seven-star hotel in the world It was built on an artificial island 278 meters from the coastline, and it is a sailing tower. It not only has 202 duplex rooms, but also restaurants overlooking the entire city of Dubai. Purchase amount of the lamps: 1,060,000 USD

  • Kempinski Hotel Beijing
    Kempinski Hotel Beijing

    Kempinski is the largest hotel in China. It is located in the core scenic spot of Yanqi Lake in Beijing, covering an area of about 14 square kilometers, with a total of 595 guest rooms and suites. The hotel has 14 restaurants and also has a separate marina, 18-hole golf course, spa, recreational fitness facilities and a kids club. Lighting project supply: 7,890,000 RMB

  • MahaNakon Thailand
    MahaNakon Thailand

    The 77-floors MahaNakon is the tallest building in Thailand, The design of the MahaNakon building transcends the flatness, bulkiness and manicure of traditional models. Glittering overlay surfaces, balconies and overhangs work together to create a digital pixel effect. More outdoor led lights for your needs. Purchase amountof the lamps: 850,000 USD

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